Portable Alarm with GPS 

Protect your remote and mobile high value assets.
It's time to take control!

Complete Portable Security

No phone lines thieves can cut - It's battery powered and completely wireless

No base unit you need to be close to - MOBILELOCK uses Sprint data for nationwide coverage

No panel that needs programming - Operate your devices from your laptop or phone

No power required - MOBILELOCK has a 30 day rechargeable battery

No term contract to sign - Service is month to month

Why is MOBILELOCK your best choice?

  • Proven: Used on thousands of commercial and residential construction sites and by many of the top police agencies in America.
  • Jobsite tough: No other device comes close.
  • Most economical service plan: $19.95/month includes everything.
  • Fully featured alarm system: Multiple built in sensors can be selected and customized to fit your application.
  • The most notification options: Others offer email and text but only MOBILELOCK gives you the choice of phone call notification with an automated voice and the ability to transmit to a central station.
  • Ability to text commands to your devices: On the jobsite you are often not near a computer and it can be clumbsy pulling up a website from your phone.  MOBILELOCK is the only device that allows you to text simple commands like Arm, Disarm, Locate, Status and Page straight to your device. No need to sign into an account. Our system uses your mobile phone number to find your account.
  • Only device with a built in siren: Receive an audible confirmation when you text "Arm" or Disarm" to your device or have the siren sound on alarm if you choose. If you track your stolen trailer back to a garage there is little the police can do...but, if you remotely set off the page feature in your MOBILELOCK they can issue a warrant to enter the property and the arrest can be made.
  • Best GPS Locator: Unlike most of the GPS locators on the market, MOBILELOCK uses cellular assisted GPS which provides locates indoors and even in the most obstructed areas. Most other GPS locators and trackers require line of sight to the sky. This is why the police prefer MOBILELOCK.

Simple to use and incredibly reliable


MOBILELOCK is a portable wireless alarm system with GPS designed to protect high value mobile assets. The device, about the size of a deck of cards, can be mounted in a hidden area on any remote or mobile asset such as a connex box, trailer, heavy equipment, spool of wire, AC unit or appliance. It is completely weatherproof and lasts over a month on a single recharge. Multiple sensors are built in such as vibration, temperature, door contact, tamper, low battery and lost power that can be selected and customized depending on the application. Selecting sensors, arm/disrming and customizing can be done through your secure online account. A built in siren can also be activated to sound in an alarm event as a deterrant or remain silent for stealth notification and locating.

MOBILELOCK offers the ability to monitor and locate your valuable assets quickly and easily.
When a sensor is tripped users can be notified via text message, email as well as automated phone call. In the event the asset is stolen, missing or needs to be located, owners can log into their account and access street maps as well as satellite imagery that shows where the device is on a map. 

See how easy it is to set up your Mobilelock account and begin using your device.