In rare occasions you may need to add an external antenna to the Mobilelock to improve its cellular or GPS reception. Antennas can be purchased from Wilson Electronics.

Passive Antenna : If the Mobilelock is going into a metal box like a safe and there is sufficient signal outside of the box then you can add a passive antenna.

  • Wilson Model # 359914 is a patch with a cable connection that can velcro to the outside of the Mobilelock. Cost from Wilson Electronics is around $3.95.
  • Wilson Model # 301113 is a 4" mini magnetic mount antenna. Cost is around $12.00. Wilson offers a variety of sizes to choose from. The patch cable connects to this and then this magnetically attaches to the outside of the box.

Powered Antenna: If there is extremely weak signal in your area but there is sufficient signal within several thousand feet then you can add a Powered External Antenna to increase the reception power for the Mobilelock. Here are some products we recommend:

  • Wilson Model # 811211 Signal Boost Mobile Amplifier
  • Wilson Model # 859903 A/C Power Supply for Mobile Amplifier
  • APC Model BE450G APC UPS (Powers the amp if a thief cuts the power prior to attempting access of the item)
  • Wilson Model # 304411 Wide band directional antenna 700-2700 MHz
  • 6 ft Pigtail adaptor to complete some of the connections

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