October 10, 2006 - Model DS500 MOBILELOCK(TM) GPS Locator and Anti-Theft Alarm sends alert by phone or email, allowing contractors to locate unit in real-time using Internet-based street maps or satellite imagery. Portable, wireless system mounts to equipment using heavy-duty magnets or screws, and runs off rechargeable Li-Ion batteries. Tamper, door, vibration, and temperature sensors can be programmed individually through phone or MOBILELOCK website for monitoring of assets.

DEWALT Expands Security Business with Addition of Unique GPS Alarm System Designed for Construction Industry -- September 2006 - Industry studies have shown that jobsite theft is a top concern for the construction industry, with losses of more than $1 billion in the United States each year. To help professional contractors better protect mobile assets on jobsites, DEWALT, a leading manufacturer of industrial power tools, developed the MOBILELOCK(TM) GPS Locator and Anti-Theft Alarm (DS500) that features state-of-the-art locating capabilities. The Global Positioning System (GPS) feature allows contractors to locate the MOBILELOCK unit in real time using the Internet. The launch of the MOBILELOCK product demonstrates the expansion of the DEWALT security business and illustrates the company's commitment to developing innovative solutions to help professional contractors protect their jobsites and mobile assets. ABOUT MOBILELOCK The MOBILELOCK product is a stand alone, portable, wireless locating and alarm system that is easily mounted to equipment using integrated heavy-duty magnets or fastening the unit into place using screws. Unlike other mobile asset protection systems that use radio frequency to locate stolen assets, MOBILELOCK features a GPS locator that can help users find stolen or lost assets anytime. Additionally, an alarm notification alerts the user when the protected piece of equipment has been disturbed or if someone tries to remove the MOBILELOCK unit. The MOBILELOCK locator and alarm is a user-friendly, self-installed system that contractors can customize to fit specific applications and security needs. The unit runs off of rechargeable lithium ion batteries and will remain powered for approximately 30 days. Contractors can easily customize the MOBILELOCK settings to create their own arm and disarm schedule, change contact phone numbers, adjust siren settings, and report status information such as battery level and signal strength. Users can operate their MOBILELOCK entirely over the web or from any phone. HOW THE MOBILELOCK UNIT WORKS If the MOBILELOCK-protected asset is disturbed the alarm is triggered and the contractor receives a phone call or email notifying them that there has been a security breach. The contractor can log onto the MOBILELOCK website, enter their personal pass code and then access street maps or satellite imagery showing the approximate location of the MOBILELOCK unit. This enables the contractor to quickly recover stolen or lost assets when the MOBILELOCK unit is properly attached. There are four sensors built into the MOBILELOCK unit: o Tamper sensor o Door contact sensor o Vibration sensor o Temperature sensor Each sensor can be programmed individually through a phone or the MOBILELOCK website to monitor the mobile asset. If an intruder tries to enter a secured area, disturb a piece of protected equipment, or remove the unit from the asset, the alarm activates and a signal is sent over the cellular network. The MOBILELOCK cellular and location-based services run on the Nationwide Sprint PCS Network, the number one wireless provider of GPS solutions. APPLICATIONS FOR MOBILELOCK General contractors, home builders, remodelers, landscapers, earthmoving contactors as well as electrical, mechanical and HVAC professionals can utilize the MOBILELOCK locator and alarm to monitor mobile assets on the jobsite. It is ideal for the protection of assets on commercial construction sites such as heavy construction equipment, office trailers, gang boxes, and remote storage containers. On residential construction sites, MOBILELOCK can help deter the theft of tool trailers, appliances, landscaping materials and equipment as well as thefts from garages or open rooms under construction. MOBILELOCK will be available in Fall 2006. Additionally, there is an indoor motion detector available in a combo kit (DS510K) that protects open areas and triggers the alarm if movement is detected. Users can also purchase the extended runtime combo kit (DS505K) for up to 90 days of additional run-time. DEWALT AND JOBSITE SECURITY The launch of the MOBILELOCK line of products comes on the heels of the introduction of SITELOCK(TM) in 2005. SITELOCK, a patented wireless technology designed for the construction industry that monitors numerous pieces of equipment or areas simultaneously, was launched by DEWALT after the company completed an extensive jobsite research study in 2004. The study surveyed more than 1,500 construction end users and buyers and identified jobsite security as the industry's #1 concern. More than 90% of those polled cited tool theft protection as a major concern, while less than 15% used an alarm system at their jobsite at the time of the study. It was determined that this disparity exists because of a general lack of effective industry-specific solutions. About DEWALT ( DEWALT is a leading manufacturer of industrial power tools with more than 300 power tool and equipment products as well as 800 power tool accessories, including corded and cordless drills, saws, hammers, grinders, routers, planers, plate joiners, sanders, lasers, generators, compressors and nailers, as well as saw blades, metal and masonry drill bits, abrasives, screw driving accessories and more. DEWALT tools can be found wherever tools are sold, nationally and internationally. With over 1,000 factory owned and authorized locations DEWALT has one of the most extensive service and repair networks in North America. Specifications: DS500, DS505K, DS510K Model: DS500 MOBILELOCK GPS Locator with Anti-Theft Alarm Includes: DS500, power supply, door contact magnet Price: $499 Model: DS505K MOBILELOCK Extended Run-Time Kit Includes: DS500, power supply, door contact magnet and Extended Runtime Adapter Price: $599 Model: DS510K MOBILELOCK Indoor Motion Detector Kit Includes: DS500, power supply, door contact magnet and Indoor Motion Detector Price: $599 Monitoring Services: Monthly service costs $19.95 for full use of the alarm system including 5 locates per month. Additional locates cost extra. Warranty: 1-year limited warranty; 1-year free service contract; 30-day money back guarantee


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