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Black Lillies' Van and Trailer Stolen 800 Miles and 2 Months Away from St. Louis

A Metro Atlanta homebuilder is striking back after months of playing victim to thieves. Like other home builders, Patrick Lockman is struggling with a challenging economy. As if that wasn't bad enough, thieves have made him a frequent target in recent months.

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Bands: Save Your Valuables From Being Stolen With The DeWalt Mobile Lock

The number of bands who are getting their valuables stolen lately is too damn high. The latest victims, Foxing, are the most recent in a long line of musicians that seem to be unfortunately losing everything they have. You don’t need a rocket scientist to tell you that this is an issue, especially for touring bands.

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Zane Williams’ Stolen Van and Trailer Inspires Song

We hear this sad story way too often. Last Saturday, while Zane Williams and his band stopped for lunch at a Mexican restaurant just north of Houston, the van and trailer containing all of their gear was stolen.

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Meet The Device That Could Stop Thieves Stealing Bands’ Gear

If you’re an avid Tone Deaf reader, you’ll know that we regularly report on local bands and artists who’ve had their gear stolen. We’re never excited to run these stories, but we always hope that doing so might lead to the gear being recovered.

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Police Arrest 130 People Connected To Band Gear Theft Ring

The Houston Police Department have announced an unprecedented number of arrests connected to a theft ring that involved stealing vans and trailers filled with expensive music gear from touring musicians.

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