Portable Alarm Features

The MOBILELOCK DS600 Portable Wireless Alarm System is easy to install and setup. Internal and wireless sensors make the DS600 an all-in-one security system.

Portable Alarm Features Detail

Alarm movement icon


Mobilelock has a built in accelerometer that can detect when your asset begins to move. Sensitivity and filter settings can be customized to fit your exact security needs.

Alarm tilt icon

Tilt Sensor

Alerts can be sent if the DS600 tips forwards or backwards or tilts to one side or another. Different degrees of tilt that would create an alarm can be selected by the user and filters can be applied.

Alarm vibration icon

Vibration Sensor

MOBILELOCK is equipped with a piezo vibration sensor. Moving the device around will not set it off. It is programmed to pick up sound vibration and performs best when magnetically attached or screwed to metal. Perfect for connex boxes, trailers, AC units, heavy equipment, and appliances. 7 levels of sensitivity can be chosen from depending on the application and filters can be applied that only allow alarms to be sent if multiple hits of vibration are detected within a certain time.

Alarm tamper icon

Tamper Sensor

MOBILELOCK is equipped with a plunge tamper on the back. When the device is removed from a mounted surface the tamper button is released and an alarm is created. When selected, tamper alarms will report when the device is armed and disarmed. When someone messes with your device you will know.

Alarm with Power Disconnect icon

Power Disconnect

If the DS600 MOBILELOCK is connected to its wall charger or the DS525 12/24V connector or the DS530 solar charger, it can send an alert when power has been cut or the device has been disconnected from that power.

Temperature icon


Sensor for High Temperature and Low Temperature can be selected independently. High Temperature reports when the temperature rises above a selected level. Perfect for transporters of perishables that want to be notified when their cooling system fails. Low Temperature reports when the temperature drops below a selected level.

Siren icon


Multiple functions you can choose from:
Power Changes: chirps when plugged in or disconnected from power.
Arm/Disarm: chirps and double chirps when you Arm or Disarm the device.
Alarm Siren: will sound for 10 to 60 seconds (customizable) when an alarm is tripped.
All Changes: all commands will create a chirp including Status and Locate requests.
Page: will operate a loud sonar sound for 1 minute to help you find your device.
Siren is 85 db at 1 meter.
Three different siren sounds to choose from.
If no settings are selected then device will remain quiet.

Magnet icon

Built in Magnets

Designed with built-in Magnets and Pre-Drilled mounting holes, the DS600 can be secured into place.

Alarm Notifications

Email icon


Unlimited number of emails can be added for notifications.
Text message icon


Unlimited number of cell phone numbers can be added for text alert notifications.
Phone icon

Phone Call

If you name your device "Trailer" then that is what our automated voice will say along with what alarm happened and at what time. You can set up an unlimited number of people to receive alerts and you can designate certain people to receive only certain alarms. John can receive the low battery alarms and Bill and Jack can receive the vibration and tamper alarms.
Customer service icon

Central Station

We can send the alarm signals to any central station that accepts Contact ID. A Central Station agent can then call the user 24/7 to alert them that their MOBILELOCK just had an alarm. Additional charges apply. The Central Station must supply the receiver number and account number for each device for this to operate.

Arm and Disarm

Just like any other security system MOBILELOCK must be Armed to report alarms. Once you select and customize which sensors you wish to use then it's as easy as Arming and Disarming your device. You can do this three ways:

Computer web browser icon

Click "Arm" / "Disarm" from laptop or smartphone.

A message is sent by SMS (text) to your device and then a confirmation is sent back to your account from the device. You can Arm and Disarm from both the Account Summary and Configure Unit pages in your account.
Arm and disarm Schedule icon

Set up an Arm/Disarm schedule.

When the schedule is submitted your device becomes programmed to automatically Arm and Disarm to the times you've specified. You can also establish a schedule for a group of devices.
Text message icon

Text Arm or Disarm to your device.

See our video on how to do this.

Arming or Disarming from the website or by text command will not disrupt a schedule that is in place. If your device is scheduled to arm at 5 pm and you decide to leave early and text an Arm command at 4 pm, your device will continue Arming and Disarming to the schedule.