Residential Construction

If you are like most builders then you are struggling with keeping your AC units and high end appliances from walking off before the house is sold.  Listen to what this premier builder in Miami had to say:

"One of our AC units that was equipped with a MOBILELOCK sent out a vibration alarm last night followed minutes later by a Geozone exit alarm indicating the AC was now outside of the subdivision.  Using the built-in GPS we tracked the AC back to the thief's house.  A detective was called to the scene and questioned the homeowner but without probable cause there was nothing he could do.  While the door was open though I texted from my phone a "page" request to the device which set off its siren. Hearing the device in the house the officer was able to gain entry, recover our AC and make the arrest. Best of more thefts from that subdivision since we caught this guy!"

Magnetically attach MOBILELOCK inside or behind stoves, refrigerators, dishwashers, or AC units.  If it vibrates, moves or tilts you will be immediately notified by email, text or phone call.  Then using its built-in GPS you can track it down, recover it and make the arrest.  You can also Bluetooth connect door and motion sensors to the DS600 MOBILELOCK so that not just the appliance is protected but the whole house is. When the job is done, simply move it to the next house.