Shipment and Tracking

Superior Mobile Protection

Security and employee productivity are the keys to successfully managing your cargo shipments.
Don't be a victim of asset loss. Let MOBILELOCK give you peace of mind that your shipments are protected and where they need to be at all times.

Cargo & Shipment Tracking

It's easy for thieves to gain access to your cargo shipments, but MOBILELOCK ensures you stay in control. The combination of a GPS locator and an alarm means that you will be contacted immediately if your shipment is tampered with.

24/7 Location Access

MOBILELOCK is a fully featured GPS locator and tracker. It offers real-time GPS locating with dots displayed on a Google map from within your MOBILELOCK account. You can establish tracking sessions for whatever interval suits your needs. Geozones can also be created so you can receive alerts when the load leaves its starting location and reaches its destination. With its built in temperature sensor you can also monitor the inside temperature of the trailer and report when the temperature drops below or goes above a selected level. Perfect for ensuring the proper transport of perishables or prescription drugs. It works nationwide and can be buried inside the shipment.

Custom Dashboard Available

We have integrated our system with a very large freight broker and we can do the same for you. When this customer creates an order in their system it automatically uploads to their MOBILELOCK account and creates a tracking session for the device set to locate every hour and creates geofences around the starting location, final destination and all points in between. A dash board then shows them all their devices with their order number, ship date/time, consignee, delivery date/time and last known battery level and location. This automates much of the work and allows them to manage hundreds of devices seamlessly. Call us today to discuss.