Trailer and Security

Whether your trailer is loaded with tools, music equipment, a race car, or any valuable materials, you need the protection of Mobilelock- the complete portable alarm system with GPS.  

Magnetically attach Mobilelock to one of the steel beams inside the trailer (installation is this easy) and be alerted if the trailer vibrates (indicating possible break-in) or moves (full theft of trailer).  Add a Bluetooth infrared motion sensor or Door sensors (optional) for even further protection.  Mobilelock is battery powered (lasts up to 30 days per recharge) and works nationwide on the cellular network.  And if your trailer goes missing you can track it down with its built in GPS.  

You can Arm and Disarm your Mobilelock by text commands or on the website through your phone or laptop.  The system is designed for easy operation. 

Make the small investment and get piece of mind knowing your trailer is protected 24/7.