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DS415 I2C Generic Sensor Input

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The DS415 I2C Generic Sensor Input enables a DS600/DS601 to monitor and alarm on up to eight wired sensors. Sensors, such as door contacts, can be wired in and report when a door opens and closes. The DS415 is completely powered from the DS600/DS601 via the rectangular I2C port so there is no need to supply additional power to the sensor(s). Perfect for protecting ATMs.

What is the difference between the DS410 and the DS415? The DS600/DS601 passes down alarm signals to the DS410 External Power Switch which turns on connected devices like a siren or strobe. The DS415 I2C Generic Sensor Input passes alarm signals from wired sensors up to the DS600/DS601 for processing and notification. Neither the DS410 or DS415 are two way capable.



    The DS410 Power Switch allows an external siren, strobe, camera or other device to be connected to your DS600 Mobilelock and activate on an alarm.

    Plugs directly into the data port on the DS600. External device is then wired to the terminal block in the DS410. When the DS600 has an alarm it can be configured on the website to then power the DS410 switch which will then turn on whatever is wired to it.