What can Mobilelock protect?

Mobilelock is perfect for protecting any high value assets including: Trailers, Conex Boxes, Heavy Equipment, AC Units, Appliances, ATM’s, Spools of wire, Substations, Boats, and many more.

How is the DS600 different from the DS500?

New and improved! The DS600 has a movement (G-force) and tilt sensor added. Also added is a Bluetooth radio allowing other wireless sensors to be paired to the DS600 including an infrared motion sensor, indoor door sensor and a cable lock. The internal door sensor is not included in the DS600 because a Bluetooth option is available.

How long does the battery last?

30 days on average with the Bluetooth radio off, 2-3 weeks with it on. Low cell signal, cold temperatures and high usage can impact battery life.

Will it hurt my Mobilelock to leave it on charge?

No, not at all.

Is there a way to connect my Mobilelock to the power in our vehicle or heavy equipment?

Yes, the DS525 costs $79 and is a way to connect your Mobilelock to any 12-24V DC power.

Can I install my Mobilelock outside?

Absolutely. Mobilelock is completely weatherproof. Rain, snow, whatever.

How many days runtime can I expect after I receive a low battery alert?

1-3 days


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