What is the “Mask Time” setting for certain sensors?

After every alarm our system sends a message back to your Mobilelock acknowledging that we received it AND telling the device to not send another of that same alarm for a certain time. For Vibration, Movement and Tilt that time is 15 minutes. For Temperature it is 60 minutes. You can shorten these times if you would prefer to receive multiple alarms possibly to rule out false alarms.

What is the “Filter” setting for certain sensors?

Another way to prevent false alarms. A medium filter requires that the sensor trip 3 times within 10 seconds at the sensitivity you’ve selected before an alarm is created and a Highest filter requires it trip 6 times within 10 seconds.

In sensors, how is Movement different then Vibration?

One tells you someone is breaking into your trailer. The other tells you someone is taking the trailer. The Movement sensor uses an accelerometer which detects when your Mobilelock begins to move (using G-Force). The Vibration sensor detects sound vibrations which it does best when mounted to metal. Both sensors can be customized with different levels of sensitivity and filters if needed.


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