Why will my device not respond to commands (Arm, Disarm, Locate, Status)?

Check that the device has power or a battery charge and is in an area with cellular service.

Why is the address from the locate done not the exact address?

The address is reverse geocoded from the latitude and longitude of the GPS locate. If the locate shows its position in the backyard of a house for instance, then it may present the address of a neighboring house.

Why am I getting alarms when my device is Disarmed?

Tamper alarms will alert when your device is Armed or Disarmed. If someone removes the device, you want to know about it. You can change this to “Armed Only” in the Advanced Settings.

When I login why does my device show the battery at “Recharge” or “Low” when I know it’s charged?

The battery icon on the Account Summary page is fed only from status requests. Request a status and when it comes back it will update this. We recommend clicking Auto Status under Battery Settings which will program your device to send back status requests every 24 hours.

Why is my device not texting or calling me when an alarm happens?

This needs to be set up for each device on the Alarm Contacts page under the Units tab.

Why does the location show to be different each time I do a locate but my device is not moving?

It’s completely normal with GPS that each locate can produce different results. One locate may be completely accurate and another can be 50-100 feet away. By doing several locates you can confirm the location and narrow in the area.

I have set my SMS# up and am texting to the right number so why is the command not showing up in the event history?

Do you have a 2nd Mobilelock account? If so you can only have your SMS number in one account.

Why did my device report a Movement alarm when a different sensor was tripped and my device did not move?

If you have the siren selected to sound on an alarm and you have the Movement sensor set to its most sensitive setting then the siren going off for a different alarm may trigger the Movement sensors.

I am trying to pair my Bluetooth sensor, why do no sensors come up when I click “Scan for available sensors”?

Your Mobilelock will sense all Bluetooth devices and will populate only those that are Mobilelock sensors and are not already paired to a Mobilelock device. Be sure your sensor has the battery installed and is right next to the Mobilelock you wish to pair it to.

Why is there a 15-20 second delay in my Mobilelock registering an alarm from my Bluetooth sensor when sensors built in the Mobilelock alert instantly?

To conserve battery in both the DS600 and the sensors they both transmit and listen intermittently.

Why did my battery discharge faster than normal?

Poor or no signal, extremely low temperatures or high usage, particularly locate sessions can influence battery runtime.


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