Look What People Are Saying

  • Zane Williams, country artist, LOVES Mobilelock!
    "Musicans are a target for thieves because they carry a lot of valuable equipment in a van/trailer that takes a professional thief about one minute to steal. Here's a video where I show you the Dewalt Mobilelock, which helped us get almost all our gear back immediately after it was stolen last month while we ate lunch. I'm not getting anything to promote this, I just want more bad guys caught and more bands getting their stuff back."
  • Equipment Found! Worked Perfectly!
    “We are a construction company in Florida and always got expensive equipment stolen from jobsites. The MOBILELOCK Alarm with GPS was placed on a job box and under a crate of cable. Around 2 a.m., crooks came by and loaded up their trucks with our stuff. Within seconds, the alarm notified me it was stolen and on the move. I called the police and we tracked everything on the computers and caught everyone by 3 a.m. By 6 a.m., everyone was at the worksite, including the recovered goods and no one missed a beat of any lost work time. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who has expensive equipment that may be outdoors.”
  • MOBILELOCK Worked Great!
    “Attached is a picture of our most recent arrest. Notice the red generator in the background? That is the location of the DeWALTMOBILELOCK. The suspect was arrested after taking bait last night. MOBILELOCK worked great…we deployed the generator and the suspects attempted to steal it Saturday night. The vibration alarm worked and I and other units responded. When we arrived at the theft location, the suspect had dragged the unit to the fence line, cut the lock to the gate and abandoned the generator and theft.”
  • THANKS guys! Last night, the DeWALT MOBILELOCK system worked flawlessly!
    “Last night around midnight, Robert Bernhardt, our Superintendent, responded to an alarm from our MOBILELOCK security system we have on site, which protects our office trailer, major equipment, and certain Conex storage containers. Robert found four individuals using a cutting torch, trying to get into our two Conex containers that have over $100,000 worth of copper in them! Fortunately, no one was hurt, and no copper was lost… at least THIS TIME!”
  • Just wanted to tell you we are now 2-0 for robberies.
    “We were robbed again the other night and caught these guys as well. Your device led the police and me to within a few feet of the car with our property inside and they arrested 3 individuals for robbery. They had also robbed a business next to ours so it was a great catch. Without your device, we would not have known about the robbery till morning and all involved would have been out thousands of dollars. Because they were caught, everyone got their items back and the bad guys went to jail. I am guessing they will stop robbing us because they have no idea how they are getting caught. I spoke to a guy today that Precision Tool had directed to call me because he was not sure this thing would work. Well when I got done telling him this would be the best investment he could make, I think he went and bought some. The detective that was at the last robbery was not aware of this device and I filled him in like the first detective and he was very impressed. I have given all my fliers and info on your product out and have none left to give out. I can tell you I was not so sure of this device at first but after two robberies and getting the criminals both times, I am now a true believer in this product.”
  • Police Department Uses MOBILELOCK to Track and Recover Over $400,000 in Stolen Construction Equipment in Less Than 8 Months
    "MOBILELOCK has given our department the edge we need to combat mobile asset theft in our area. We are making MOBILELOCK a long-term resource to help us continue reducing auto theft crime with a faster, more efficient approach."
  • Highly effective and much less expensive!
    “DeWALT’s MOBILELOCK has worked great on our remote warehouse! The local security company wanted over $1200 to pre-wire for an alarm plus hard wiring for telephone service was required, not to mention the $60/month monitoring fee. DVR equipment was exceeding $3000. The MOBILELOCK indoor motion kit took 15 minutes to install with two screws and plugged into an outlet. The setup on the Web was a breeze. Bottom line…works great!”
  • Great for protecting Trailers
    “In the darkness of night, a professional thief will back up a trailer and steal tens of thousands of dollars worth of construction equipment and materials in a matter of minutes. At 6 a.m., when your crews are ready to start work, it’s already too late, costing you lost labor hours and putting you behind schedule. The DeWALT MOBILELOCK is like a covert little security guard watching over your valuables 24/7.”
  • Woman Kidnapped Is Now Safe
    “Last week our department deployed one of your DeWALT tracking devices during a kidnapping/sexual assault case…The suspects told the victim that if her family did not come up with $20,000, another family member would be kidnapped as well. My unit was contacted and we were able to place a DeWALT MOBILELOCK in with the money to be delivered to the suspects. The money was dropped and the suspects recovered the money. We were able to track the suspects to a residence where four suspects were taken into custody. We also recovered the money and a kilo of cocaine.”
  • I Am Very Impressed With This Device And We Are Planning To Purchase A Few More.
    “I would like to tell you how impressed I was with the security tracker we purchased. We have been robbed 4 times in a month and a half and no matter what we did they kept coming back. We decided to try your tracking device and see where that got us. I was a little worried it would not work as well as we were told. The device went off at 11:30 p.m. I was at the yard in 8 minutes and they where already gone. I started tracking them while the police were on the way. When they got there, we followed them right to the front door of their house. They made a stop on the way and the police stopped at that location and found a truck full of equipment that had been taken and found our equipment. This thing came within 10 feet of the truck. I am very impressed with this device and we are planning to purchase a few more. I would highly recommend this device to anyone that is having problems with robberies or equipment missing. I have even shown this device to the detective working our case and he is also impressed with this as well.”
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