“We were robbed again the other night and caught these guys as well. Your device led the police and me to within a few feet of the car with our property inside and they arrested 3 individuals for robbery. They had also robbed a business next to ours so it was a great catch. Without your device, we would not have known about the robbery till morning and all involved would have been out thousands of dollars. Because they were caught, everyone got their items back and the bad guys went to jail. I am guessing they will stop robbing us because they have no idea how they are getting caught. I spoke to a guy today that Precision Tool had directed to call me because he was not sure this thing would work. Well when I got done telling him this would be the best investment he could make, I think he went and bought some. The detective that was at the last robbery was not aware of this device and I filled him in like the first detective and he was very impressed. I have given all my fliers and info on your product out and have none left to give out. I can tell you I was not so sure of this device at first but after two robberies and getting the criminals both times, I am now a true believer in this product.”

Scott Paral, General Manager, Rain-Tite Roofing, LLC 

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