1. Email- Unlimited number of emails can be added for notifications.
  2. Text- Unlimited number of cell phone numbers can be added for text alert notifications.
  3. Phone call - If you name your device "Trailer" then that is what our automated voice will say along with what alarm happened and at what time. You can set up an unlimited number of people to receive alerts and you can designate certain people to recieve only certain alarms. John can receive the low battery alarms and Bill and Jack can receive the vibration and tamper alarms.
  4. Central Station- We can send the alarm signals to any central station that accepts Contact ID. A Central Station agent can then call the user 24/7 to alert them that their MOBILELOCK just had an alarm. Additional charges apply. The Central Station must supply the receiver number and account number for each device for this to operate.
Just like any other security system MOBILELOCK must be Armed to report alarms. Once you select and customize which sensors you wish to use then it's as easy as Arming and Disarming your device. You can do this three ways:
  1. Click "Arm" / "Disarm" buttons in your account either from your laptop or smartphone. A message is sent by SMS (text) to your device and then a confirmation is sent back to your account from the device. You can Arm and Disarm from both the Account Summary and Configure Unit pages in your account.
  2. Set up an Arm/Disarm schedule. When the schedule is submitted your device becomes programmed to automatically Arm and Disarm to the times you've specified. You can also establish a schedule for a group of devices.
  3. Text Arm or Disarm to your device. See our video on how to do this.
Arming or Disarming from the website or by text command will not disrupt a schedule that is in place. If your device is scheduled to arm at 5 pm and you decide to leave early and text an Arm command at 4 pm, your device will continue
Arming and Disarming to the schedule.
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