Why do all the Bluetooth sensors listed say “Moblock”?

Moblock means it is a Mobilelock Bluetooth sensor. The one at the top of the list should have the lowest signal number which means it has the highest signal strength. This should be the sensor you have right next to the Mobilelock. Select it, name it and then click “Add Selected Sensor”. It is only at this time that your Mobilelock will connect with the sensor to configure it and it is then that it knows which specific sensor it is.

How do I know which Bluetooth sensor I am trying to pair when I see more than one in the box?

The one at the top will have the highest signal strength which should be the one you have right next to your Mobilelock. We recommend keeping all other sensors at least 20 feet away.

After I’ve paired my Bluetooth sensor, how can I be sure it is the one I intended to pair?

Click the “Page” button and it will set of a buzzer in the sensor for 10 seconds.

How far away can I place my Bluetooth sensor from my Mobilelock?

Up to 100 feet. Walls or other obstacles in between will shorten this distance.

Will using the Bluetooth reduce the battery runtime of my Mobilelock?

Yes. Having the Bluetooth radio enabled in your Mobilelock will consume about 40% of your runtime.

How long will the batteries in my Bluetooth sensors last?

9-12 months.

I am trying to pair my Bluetooth sensor, why do no sensors come up when I click “Scan for available sensors”?

Your Mobilelock will sense all Bluetooth devices and will populate only those that are Mobilelock sensors and are not already paired to a Mobilelock device. Be sure your sensor has the battery installed and is right next to the Mobilelock you wish to pair it to.

Why is there a 15-20 second delay in my Mobilelock registering an alarm from my Bluetooth sensor when sensors built in the Mobilelock alert instantly?

To conserve battery in both the DS600 and the sensors they both transmit and listen intermittently.


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