Cash Intensive Industries


The DS600 MOBILELOCK can fully protect your ATM. Magnetically mount to the inside or outside of the safe. Attachment to the inside of the safe may require the use of an external antenna. Leave the MOBILELOCK on charge connected to the strip inside the ATM for permanent power. If the power is cut to the ATM you will receive an immediate alert and MOBILELOCK's internal rechargeable battery will then kick in providing 30 days of runtime. The MOBILELOCK can alert you if the ATM loses power, vibrates, moves or tilts in any direction. You can also be alerted if the MOBILELOCK is removed. If an alarm happens you can choose to have the siren sound immediately. Notification can be sent to email, text and phone but also directly to a central station using Contact ID. With the built in GPS you can recover an ATM that is stolen quickly so that you still have a chance to recover the money and the machine before any damage is done.

Cash Vaults

Most small businesses rely on cash vaults to safely hold cash and receipts until a scheduled pick-up of an armored service. Having a security system for your business provides only one level of security. Employees, and possibly friends of employees, know how to disable the security system to enter the business. A DS600 MOBILELOCK mounted on the back of your safe provides the extra line of defense. The alarm is always on and able to contact you the second it detects vibration. You can easily set up an arm/disarm schedule so you are only notified of activity during certain hours (when the business is closed).


If your business requires the collection of coins and small bills (laundromats, car washes, vacuum cleaning machines, air pumps, bill changing machines, vending machines, etc) and some of your locations are in high risk areas, MOBILELOCK can provide protection. MOBILELOCK can be permanently powered or battery powered and is small enough to fit inside much of this equipment. When someone tampers with your stuff you will know about it immediately. If the thief removes the collection container you can track it down using the built in GPS.