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Great assistance

Everyone is super friendly. I had to call in a few times always got a quick response and they were patient.

New DS600 system

Definitely overcame some of the short falls of the DS500. Love the Blue Tooth connections, makes it easier to place components and power to them. The delay on the door sensor is 6 to 8 seconds, wish it was instant but understand this is a trade off for the Blue Tooth connections. Still very happy with the system and the servie.

Works Perfectly

Just as advertised. Easy to set up and connect. So easy, it makes you wonder what you missed.


Easy to install. Works perfectly.


Chris Allen is a super star !
I was having challenges with an older Moble Lock unit. Chris engaged and tried several thinks to help me out. Ultimately I had the replace unit. Chris was helpful ever step of the way.
I am a Ravi g fan !

Outstanding Solution!!

Well designed and engineered. Remote security is paramount based on the value of the contents of your container. THIS IS THE SOLUTION. Simple to install, intuitive interface and incredible support.


This is THE answer to remote equipment protection!! Incredible support- I had a few questions on set up and I received a response within an hour (on Sat and Sunday). Tech Support spent as much time as needed to walk me through some set up issues and gave me a few “tips” along the way. The Videos covered most everything but Tech Support filed in the details. The interface is VERY logical, Group Set Up is awesome and Alerts are just as advertised. I have 2 Shipping Containers with a lot of valuable equipment and now I sleep much better at night. Well engineered and designed. For the money, I can’t imagine NOT having this on all remote valuables. I live 45 minutes from the containers but my "auto dial" alerts my security company and they are at the site in 5 minutes. THIS IS THE BEST REMOTE SECURITY PRODUCT ON THE MARKET. YOU GUYS ROCK!!

Very good

So far the desalt Mobilelock has performed well. It took some fine tuning to get it set to lessen the false alarms but once that was accomplished it has done very well. Tom was a great help and he reached out to us which I thought was a great service.
My late brother in law had 6 conexs that were broke into and 1000s of dollars of tools and personal effects stole. We have some peace of mind with Mobilelock installed.

Must have for trailer security

I ordered this gps alarm tracker, more for the "tracker" than alarm. The alarm part is not so loud, but it is audible to whoever is trying to steal your trailer. The unit is well built, durable and easy to setup. I just wish it had an APP to use instead of having to use a computer. harder to track in real time and follow using a computer vs APP on smartphone, etc. Outside of that, the battery run time is as stated. you get 5 days before you have to recharge, or if you can leave it plugged into a battery backup, even more so. The TRIGGERS, such as motion, tilt, etc. were very well. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. You DO HAVE TO HAVE a service plan for the cellular unit. 19/mo not bad.

It works


Worth the money...

Accuracy could be a little better... say plus or minus 10'. I like being able to track a vehicle or equipment should someone steal it. Wish your monthly fee was about $5/month vs. $20/month.

Good product, user interface needs work

So far the mobile lock is working as advertised. I'm using it as a temporary security system for my flip houses and i'm pretty confident that it will work for what I want it to. I attached the unit to the most expensive tool I have in the house and have it paired to the motion sensor to let me know if anyone breaks in. Only draw back is the user interface on phones, wish they had a Android app instead of just the web page.

Absolutely works!!

1 month after purchasing the mobil lock alarm my trailer was broke into at 1:36 am. several texts were sent to my phone. Unfortunately my phone was on silent mode and didn't wake me up. (kicking myself) The perps drove off with my trailer. Once I was made aware of the theft, I activated the GPS locater and found the trailer exactly where the GPS said it was. Regrettably 3 pieces of expensive equipment were stollen. I blame myself. The alarm it's self is not very loud so I've ordered the battery powered switch and siren amplifier. Hopefully there isn't a next time but if there is, the system should wake the neighborhood. Damn thieves! Important to NOT put your phone on silent...Duh

Easy, Effective System

This MobilLock system is exactly what I was looking for. Easy setup to monitor my tool trailer. I plan to buy another to protect my outbuilding.

Excellent product

Great customer service and great peace of mind for your large assets.

Dood Device for tracking EQ.

I was looking for a device to track and secure equipment on site. MobileLock was what I decided on. So far the interface has been easy to use. We will be deploying some equipment with MobileLock in the near future, and will update after we have a chance to use it in the field.

Great Mobile Ease of Mind

Great product, I love the versatility of its use. We are utilizing as a mobile security/tracking device for a trailer that we bought to replace a stolen one. Accessories are a nice additive to securing our asset. Have tested it multiple times with great results. Built in magnets are strong and a great add on because we can mount it underneath the trailer out of sight with ease of removing to charge.

Perfect Security for Contractors-Arizpe Flooring

Ive been seen bad reviews about this product, I just want to say its saved me thousands of dollars from having any more break ins and having expensive tools stolen by all those lowlife thieves! I have the bluetooth cables for all my equipment, I have motion sensors both in my pick up and inside my trailers at night! Works flawlessly. I like the built in GPS tracking on them, has live gps tracking and extremely accurate! Works with VERIZON wireless towers, so they always have good signal! Bottom line its worth the investment. Customer service is great, might not answer right away but leave a message and they will get to you in a couple of minutes. I also like all the setings in the configuration page set for each individual system. I highly recommend.

Real peace of mind when leaving a trailer full of tools on the jobsit.

We have had this in one of our trailers for about a month now. It is nice knowing remotely that the battery is getting low and also receiving updates when it has been fully charged. I know my super on site is using it daily. I can't say it has stopped any theft as of yet but I feel better knowing after several incidents before mobilelock that we will be able to track and recover our trailer if it is stolen this time.

simple effective proction.

This small device is the center of a layered defense of a tool trailer, just before thanksgiving I suffered a loss of nearly four thousand dollars after repairing the trailer I installed a DeWalt moblelock it covers the notification and gps tracking also it is a capable alarm system. my only wish that the alarm could be louder or a dte external alarm.

Love it

This is a great deal for the peace of mind it gives you. Customer service is great too

Five Stars

Keep your job site items safe by getting this

Great all in one alarm system and GPS

Purchase this for my RV along with the motion sensor, very easy to set up and install. I test it several times and I am very impressed with how soon the notifications come through to my phone. Also really like the text feature to arm and disarm. Hopefully the temperature sensors are accurate and will notify me should the temperature in the RV change due to power failure and lack of air condition, I have two small dogs to consider if left unattended.

Five Stars

Great product and excellent, responsive service. Highly recommend.

DS600 MOBILELOCK Portable Alarm with GPS
Do it right the first time
John Deere Security System

I bought the Mobilelock system for my tractor that sits outside some nights. The hood is made of steel, so I used the magnets to attach the main unit under the hood and then wrapped the cable sensor unit through the steering wheel and around the pedals. Set up was pretty easy once I watched the online videos. I have it set up so I use my phone to text to the unit to arm and disarm it. When I am using the tractor, I take the cable off and wrap it around the roll bar for storage. So far I have tested cable alarms, and starting the tractor creates a vibration alarm. It is to early to tell about battery life but so far after a week I have a very good level. I have tried the GPS location and it worked great and showed the location within about 10 feet on a map. My original plan was to only use it when the tractor sits outside but now that I see how well it works, I may buy the DS525 equipment power adapter so it can be permanently installed and charged from the tractor battery.