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24’ Changeover from 12’ Cable

I purchased the 24’ replacement cable for my enclosed car hauler as I wanted to route the cable through all 4 wheels of the trailer and also through the leaf spring frame bracket. Cable was just the right length to do what I wanted. Also very easy to remove shorter cable from unit and install new one. Works just as I wanted, fully satisfied!

Great addition to the system

We are very happy with the addition of the cable lock. It worked perfectly every time we tested it.

Great addition

We found that the motion detector worked flawlessly and really made a great addition to the alarm system for our enclosed motorcycle trailer. Staying in motels where our vehicles were usually out of sight made us feel much more at ease knowing that the system would let know if someone was messing with them. We tested the system many times and it worked perfectly.

Great Alarm System

I waited until we used the alarm system to give it a review. Now that we have used it in our enclosed motorcycle trailer for a week long vacation I have an opinion about how well it works. In short “Awesome “ is our opinion. We stayed in hotels and usually couldn’t see our vehicles from our room. We were confident that the system would alert us if someone messed with it because we tested it several times. We also had the wireless motion detector inside of the trailer and it worked perfectly at every test. We’re very happy that we chose this alarm system.

Good product!

One suggestion would be to have an app developed to make user interface much easier.

Pretty good, but you have to buy a speaker

I was hoping for something that would scare off intruders when they break in, but the unit doesn't even go up to speaking levels of loud. You can't hear it outside of the trailer at all. I'm saving up for one of the external speakers, but I've had other things that size that were capable of making a LOT of noise. Other than that, it works pretty good.

Chuck, thank you for your feedback. The siren in the Mobilelock is 85db at 1 meter which is loud but the external sirens are extremely loud (DS509K=105db and DS508K=120db). They will scare everyone within a block away :) .

New Install (30day review) May27

May 27th New installation; Setup was easy and tested fine. Will write another review in 30 days on its functionality.

Great Product

I think DS600 Mobile Lock is a good product. The only thing is how to attach it to my scooter in a matter where it is secure. A thief can just pull the device off and throw it in the trash can. When I go search for my scooter, all I will find is a trash can. Other than that, this is a good product. Good siren. GPS penpoints the location. Thank you.

Thank you William. The magnets on the back of the Mobilelock device are better suited for attaching in a trailer or conex. I would suggest using a zip tie through the screw holes on the device to secure it to the scooter

I can sleep at night!

I have a storage locker with my business inventory and I'm always worried someone might break in. I've easily attached this magnetically to one of the door rails and it works perfectly notifying me when it has been opened. I was trying to get someone to build me this system but they said it could not be done due to the fact a battery won't last long enough. Dewalt has done it at a fair price and it works perfect. I've tested it many times. Even banging on the door will set the alarm off and notify my phone. I am VERY impressed. I can think of 100 uses. The battery has lasted about 20 days so far and say it's still at good.

It works!

I do not know of another devise that will instantly alert you on your smart phone and I am happy I found this. It works. It took awhile to understand how to set it up and configure it. I was having trouble and went back and forth with Moblielock support. They always got back to me very fast and helped me get it set up. It has been working very well. I can arm and disarm with my smart phone. I have tested it numerous times and it never failed to immediately notify me by smart phone. I am very satisfied with the Mobilelock.

Great mobile alarm , I have two DS600’s plus door sensors for my two cargo trailers and one siren that is heard for miles! It’s a little confusing to set up all the features functions the customer service team was fairly quick to respond to my questions through email or Facebook messenger!
My only issue is the solar panel DS350, I had purchased for one of the units for remote charging sadly only lasted for a couple of months and reaching customer service was futile for some reason?

Thank you for your feedback. The DS530 solar charger should keep your Mobilelock permanently charged. If, however, the device is being used heavily, the signal in the area is weak or the temperature is colder than normal, then it is possible it is discharging faster than the solar charger can keep up. Be sure the solar charger has a good line of sight to the sky and it is recommended to charge up your Mobilelock device on its wall charger twice a year.


I'm running this through my trailer wheels whin i leav it on the job. That way if anybody is trying to steel the hole trailer it will sound the alarm , not having to wait for the tilt or vibration sincere.

Feel protected

I feel that my car is well protected by Mobilelock with the alerts to my phone when it moves.


The DS600 MobileLock is second to none. It’s a very well made and dependable system. It will protect your valuables around the clock. I use it to keep may travel trailer safeguarded. Thank Dewalt Mobile for a great product.

Excellent tool to protect your valuables

I put mobilelock in my toy trailer and it works perfectly across 4 states and two timezones so far.

Peace of mind

I manage a rescue called Mission K9 rescue, we Bring in retired military police and contract working dogs from all over the world, a lot of times we are at the airport picking up dogs and there are times I have to step out for a minute to fill out paperwork and walk into the office or I am at veterinary visit and I have dogs inside the van while others are being treated so I can leave the vehicle running the mobile lock gives me peace of mind and lets me know if the temperature gets too high not to mention it also will let me know if the vehicle is moving or if it is rocking back-and-forth for whatever reason and GPS location. Thank you great product!


Bought this to go along with the DS600. Installed both in my job trailer and they work great. Gives me an added sense of security.

works adequately

Product works fine, a bit disappointed with the user interface. It would be expected to have a simple phone App to control functions instead of using antiquated text commands. Likely would not purchase again due to this reason. Otherwise system works as advertised with no issues.

Great product

I've been using the mobile locks for several years and we love them. Since going to the mobile lock system, it has prevented several break-ins on our construction sites. The cost of the equipment and the monthly fees are nothing compaired to what could have been lost.

No complaints, just suggestions

I use my Mobile Lock in my travel trailer. I'd like to see more RV friendly features. For instance, I wish there were a dedicated 12V version. Also, a key fob would be nice or at least a phone app/widget that would allow for convenient arming and disarming. For Rv pet owners, a Bluetooth thermometer (that reads even when the control unit is connected to power)would be nice to warn of dangerous temps within the trailer when pet owners are away. And lastly, Bluetooth smoke detectors, Bluetooth propane/carbonmonoxide detectors, and Bluetooth water-leak detectors would be ultimately game changers for the rv community.

Thank you for your suggestions Adrian. We have many users like yourself using Mobilelock to protect their RV's so your feedback is much appreciated. We sell a 12/24V connector for the Mobilelock (DS525) but I understand you would prefer a combined unit. Our Bluetooth sensors (DS610, DS620, DS630) all have built in temperature sensors that can be configured to alert when the temp goes above or below any selected level. Also, our DS620 Bluetooth door sensor is also a generic sensor input. You can wire into it any other sensor such as CO, smoke or water leak protectors. You can name them in the website and be alerted like all other alarms.

DS530 Solar Charger
Dan Schroth
Failed after 4 months

We are in the SW Washington state summers can get hot and the winters wet hooked it into my DS600 on top my spare cargo trailer late spring 2022 with no view obstructions worked perfect for a while keeping a charge to very good to full then charging stopped called support they offered no solution or replacement just threw $129 away, I have been with this service when it first began and I must say that after paying for two units service monthly for a long time I find it going down hill now having other issues with receiving reports I emailed support after getting frustrated with east coast time difference after two weeks I received a call from support at 05:00 am!!!

Our offices are on the East Coast so I sincerely apologize our customer service called you at 8 am EST (5 am PST). If your DS530 solar charger is not working properly please email us at support@dewaltmobilelock.com and we will make it right.

I am impressed with signal strength (usually excellent) and the response to status queries is usually seconds. Overall a vast improvement for my location in New York.

DS525 Equipment Power Adaptor

Works as advertised

Have hooked up to a deep cell battery so far so good

Works good so far

It worked good testing it. I did have to give "arming" the unit a few minutes for the motion detector to activate. Not a big deal just something I learned while testing.