Locate and Tracking

A GPS location shows where the MOBILELOCK device is located on a map. Each time a GPS location is requested, it requires one locate credit. If you run a tracking session which does automatic locates at a selected interval, each locate in the session requires a locate credit.

Your monthly service includes 5 free locate credits multiplied by the number of devices you have in your account each month. For example, if you have 10 devices in your account you will receive 50 locate credits each month. They can be used on any device in your account and they do not expire unless used. Unused locate credits roll over and are added with the new ones you receive each month.

For most applications this is all the locates that are needed. For high volume tracking customers (Law Enforcement, Trucking, etc) it may be necessary to purchase additional locates. Various packages are available that may be purchased at any time from within your account. The locate credits are added to your account immediately and they also can be used on any device in your account and do not expire unless used.

Locate Packages:

Basic: $10 for 50 locates ($.20/ea)

Silver: $25 for 250 locates ($.10/ea)

Gold: $60 for 750 locates ($.08/ea)

Platinum: $75 for 1,500 locates ($.05/ea)

DS600 High Volume Tracking Service Plans

Instead of purchasing locate packages for your account you may decide it is more economical to have your devices on a high volume plan.

Two high volume plans are available:

$29.95/month for unlimited locates.  Tracking sessions down to every 2 minutes.

$39.95/month for unlimited locates.  Tracking sessions down to every 10 seconds.

These are total monthly rates and are not on top of the $19.95. All devices in your account must be on the same rate plan. Available only for the DS600.

Contact us if you are interested in either of these special rate plans.