Overview of DS600

MOBILELOCK is a completely self-contained battery powered wireless security system ideal for monitoring remote assets. 7 built-in sensors can be selected and customized through a secure website and alarm notifications can be sent out to an unlimited number of people by email, text or phone call. Cellular assisted GPS technology provides location of assets indoors or out.

Product Overview


Commands that are sent to a MOBILELOCK from your online account use a secure form of SMS text messaging and confirmations and alarms from the device use UDP data communication. Your monthly service includes unlimited nationwide LTE service on the CAT M1 Verizon network with no roaming charges.
Check the Verizon Wireless coverage in your area. 3G data or better is required.
DS600 alarm battery


Internal Li-Ion Rechargeable.
Size: 2 x Sanyo 18650.
Charge time: 5 hours.
Runtime: 30+ days runtime and up to 6 months in airplane mode (cell sleep) allowing use in remote areas with no power.
Other powering options:
MOBILELOCK can be left on charge without harming it DS525 allows for 12/24 volt connection.
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Online Account

MOBILELOCK devices are run through a secure website. When you receive your MOBILELOCK there are instructions in the box to set up your account online. You can access the site through any computer or smart phone and you can set up an unlimited number of users for your account. Each user has their own login and password and can be assigned different levels of authority:
- Account Owners can do everything in the account and have access to the billing.
- Master Users can do everything but do not have access to the billing.
- Users are only able to Arm, Disarm and request Status' and Locates
DS600 rechargeable battery

Battery Alarms

Low Battery: Alerts when the MOBILELOCK battery reaches 3.2v indicating 2-3 days of charge left.
Full Charge: Alerts when the MOBILELOCK is fully charged. It is recommended to always do a status request to confirm the battery level of the device which will also record it in the event history.
Charger Removed: You can leave MOBILELOCK connected to its wall charger for permanent power and if the power is lost or disconnected you can receive an alert. If power is lost the MOBILELOCK's internal battery will kick in to provide 30+ days of runtime.
Auto Status: Low battery alerts happen when the battery reaches 3.2v but there are times it can skip over this level if the device is in a weak signal area or is under heavy use. Auto Status programs the device to report back its status every 24 hours (Battery Level, Temperature and Signal Strength). If a battery level comes back at "Low" or "Recharge" then our system automatically kicks off a low battery alert.
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You can have as many devices as you want in your MOBILELOCK account but to keep better control of them they can be arranged into groups. One site may have 20 devices and another may have 15.
On the Account Summary page you can collapse the groups that don't pertain to you and keep the ones open that do. You can also customize the sensor, speaker and battery settings for an entire group and also set up an Arm/Disarm schedule for the group.
Dewalt billing summary


Each month the account owner and up to one other person can receive the monthly service invoice by email.
The Account Billing section within your account keeps a history of all your invoices that you can view and print at anytime as well as a record of all payments made/received and the current balance due.
We offer the convenience of monthly auto charges to your credit card of choice (Amex, Visa and MC) as well as payment by check options. 3, 6 and 12 month billing options are also available upon request.