Get Started / Activation

When you receive your product there will be instructions to create your account online and to activate your device.

When you log into your account you will see your device there. Go to the Configure Units page (under the Units tab or by clicking the battery icon). In the event history you should see “Device Activated Successfully”. You can then request a Status (in the “Send Unit Commands” bar). This will send a message to the device and the device will respond back with its battery level and signal strength. Each command sent to the device (Arm, Disarm, Status, Locate, etc) should receive a message back from the device into the event history (Armed, Disarmed, etc). If you do not receive a message back then check that your device has battery charge and cellular signal.

The device will beep when you first plug it in. When you press the tamper button on the back of the device it will beep signaling that it is reaching out to Verizon for the necessary data. After roughly 1 minute the device will beep again meaning it has successfully provisioned with Verizon. The device then sends a message to our server and our server responds with an activate command for the device. This is the final beep you hear.

It means the Verizon cellular signal is weak in that spot. Move the device to a different area or near a window and try again.

Features and Settings

After every alarm our system sends a message back to your Mobilelock acknowledging that we received it AND telling the device to not send another of that same alarm for a certain time. For Vibration, Movement and Tilt that time is 15 minutes. For Temperature it is 60 minutes. You can shorten these times if you would prefer to receive multiple alarms possibly to rule out false alarms.

Another way to prevent false alarms. A medium filter requires that the sensor trip 3 times within 10 seconds at the sensitivity you’ve selected before an alarm is created and a Highest filter requires it trip 6 times within 10 seconds.

One tells you someone is breaking into your trailer. The other tells you someone is taking the trailer. The Movement sensor uses an accelerometer which detects when your Mobilelock begins to move (using G-Force). The Vibration sensor detects sound vibrations which it does best when mounted to metal. Both sensors can be customized with different levels of sensitivity and filters if needed.

Using Your Device

First you need to have your SMS# in place (Manage Users page under the Users tab). Then text to: 26086 (this is the same number you receive alarms by text). If your device is called “Trailer” and you wish to Arm it then you would send the following text: Arm.Trailer

Arm, Disarm, Status, Locate, Page

Do a Status request to confirm that the device is communicating and that has a full charge. Set up who should be notified of alarms on the Alarm Contacts page. Select the sensors you wish to have and submit the change. Arm your device. Trip the sensor and test that you receive the alert.

By selecting this you will be notified for ALL alarms you’ve selected. Your alerts will still tell you which sensor it was (vibration, movement, low battery, etc).

No. Central station notification can only be set up from the Central Station page under the Units tab. A contract with a central station is required and additional charges apply. You will need the account number and receiver number.

This is your mobile phone number. If you put this into the SMS box in your user details it will allow you to send text commands from your phone to any device in your account. You must put the number in starting with a “1” and have no “-“ or “( )”.

Press the “Locate” button on the Configure Units page or on the Location View Page. A locate will return after a minute.

This is when you program your Mobilelock to automatically do locates. You can decide how often you want them to happen (interval) and for how long you want the session to run (duration). The tracking session.

Each locate in a tracking session requires one locate credit. If your tracking session is set to do a locate every 1 minute for 30 minutes then it will require 30 locate credits.

A geozone is a virtual fence you can draw in your Mobilelock account. It can be round (radial) or any shape you choose (pologon) which is perfect for drawing the perimeter of a job site.

Yes. When a locate is done (from a tracking session or individually) our server compares the locate position to the Geozone(s) you’ve created and alerts you when it enters and exits.

No. The siren is 85db at 1 meter which is plenty loud enough to startle a would be thief.

Yes, you can choose from one of three siren sounds in the advanced settings and you can configure the length it runs from 10 seconds to 1 minute.

Use the Page feature. A detective hears the siren and they immediately have probable cause for a warrant.

No. You can click Arm or Disarm anytime from the website or from your phone or by text command. If you want your Mobilelock Armed all the time, then click Arm once and you’re done.

Use the Groups feature. You can arrange devices by group for easier viewing on the Account Summary page and it allows you to also configure the sensors and Arm/Disarm schedule for all of them at once.

So as not to slow down our webpage we limit the events in the event history box for a device to 250. You can access all records by running a report at any time from the Reports tab.

We recommend always having “Power Changes” selected. This gives you a beep when you plug the device into its wall charger telling you there is power, the charger is working and the device is accepting the power. “Alarm siren” and “Arm/Disarm” are based on preference. “All Changes” will beep for everything that is done so we don’t recommend having this selected.

An automated voice will say “Your trailer has just had an alarm, vibration at 2:55 and 3 seconds pm on January 28th 2017”

Network Connection

The DS500 works on Sprint and the DS600 works on Verizon.

No. You can use any cellular service provider.

No. Your $19.95/month service payment to Mobilelock covers everything including the cellular service.


Moblock means it is a Mobilelock Bluetooth sensor. The one at the top of the list should have the lowest signal number which means it has the highest signal strength. This should be the sensor you have right next to the Mobilelock. Select it, name it and then click “Add Selected Sensor”. It is only at this time that your Mobilelock will connect with the sensor to configure it and it is then that it knows which specific sensor it is.

The one at the top will have the highest signal strength which should be the one you have right next to your Mobilelock. We recommend keeping all other sensors at least 20 feet away.

Click the “Page” button and it will set of a buzzer in the sensor for 10 seconds.

Up to 100 feet. Walls or other obstacles in between will shorten this distance.

Yes. Having the Bluetooth radio enabled in your Mobilelock will consume about 40% of your runtime.

The DS620 and DS630 have an 8 minute mask period. If the alarm event is still occurring (door is open or cable is open) then it will continue to alarm every 8 minutes until they are closed or the system is disarmed.

Check that the magnet is positioned next to the sensor properly. It must be lined up below the Dewalt logo of the sensor. Also, if the magnet is touching the sensor it may create false alarms. The sweet spot is ¼” from the sensor but no more then 3/8”. Also, if the sensor or magnet are directly attached to Ferrous metal it may create false alarms. In this situation place a wood shim between the metal and the sensor/magnet.

Check that your sensor has the “enabled” box checked on the “Manage Bluetooth” page in your account. The DS600 must be Armed. Also check that the battery still has a charge in your sensor. If these all check out then it is recommended to delete the sensor and then go through the pairing process again as this will ensure the proper settings are configured to the sensor.

9-12 months.

Your Mobilelock will sense all Bluetooth devices and will populate only those that are Mobilelock sensors and are not already paired to a Mobilelock device. Be sure your sensor has the battery installed and is right next to the Mobilelock you wish to pair it to.

To conserve battery in both the DS600 and the sensors they both transmit and listen intermittently.


Check that the device has power or a battery charge and is in an area with cellular service.

The address is reverse geocoded from the latitude and longitude of the GPS locate. If the locate shows its position in the backyard of a house for instance, then it may present the address of a neighboring house.

Tamper alarms will alert when your device is Armed or Disarmed. If someone removes the device, you want to know about it. You can change this to “Armed Only” in the Advanced Settings.

The battery icon on the Account Summary page is fed only from status requests. Request a status and when it comes back it will update this. We recommend clicking Auto Status under Battery Settings which will program your device to send back status requests every 24 hours.

This needs to be set up for each device on the Alarm Contacts page under the Units tab.

It’s completely normal with GPS that each locate can produce different results. One locate may be completely accurate and another can be 50-100 feet away. By doing several locates you can confirm the location and narrow in the area.

Do you have a 2nd Mobilelock account? If so you can only have your SMS number in one account.

If you have the siren selected to sound on an alarm and you have the Movement sensor set to its most sensitive setting then the siren going off for a different alarm may trigger the Movement sensors.

Your Mobilelock will sense all Bluetooth devices and will populate only those that are Mobilelock sensors and are not already paired to a Mobilelock device. Be sure your sensor has the battery installed and is right next to the Mobilelock you wish to pair it to.

To conserve battery in both the DS600 and the sensors they both transmit and listen intermittently.

Poor or no signal, extremely low temperatures or high usage, particularly locate sessions can influence battery runtime.


Mobilelock is perfect for protecting any high value assets including: Trailers, Conex Boxes, Heavy Equipment, AC Units, Appliances, ATM’s, Spools of wire, Substations, Boats, and many more.

New and improved! The DS600 has a movement (G-force) and tilt sensor added. Also added is a Bluetooth radio allowing other wireless sensors to be paired to the DS600 including an infrared motion sensor, indoor door sensor and a cable lock. The internal door sensor is not included in the DS600 because a Bluetooth option is available.

30 days on average with the Bluetooth radio off, 2-3 weeks with it on. Low cell signal, cold temperatures and high usage can impact battery life.

No, not at all.

Yes, the DS525 costs $79 and is a way to connect your Mobilelock to any 12-24V DC power.

Absolutely. Mobilelock is completely weatherproof. Rain, snow, whatever.

1-3 days


No. Service is month to month and can be cancelled at any time without penalty.

Yes. You can suspend devices up to 6 months in a calendar year. The cost is $2.50/ea per month and there is no reactivation fee when you take your device back to active.

Email the request to support@dewaltmobilelock.com

You can set up as many users as you need for your Mobilelock account. “User” are restricted in their access. They can only Arm, Disarm, Locate, or set up and configure Tracking Sessions and GeoZones. Having users only Text into the devices instead of logging into your account is also a way to limit their access. They can Arm, Disarm, Page, request a Status or Locate by Text.

In our portal, after logging into your account go to the Users tab and then User Profile. Highlight over the Password and Confirm fields and make your change. Other user’s passwords can be changed the same way from the Manage Users page under the Users tab.

In our portal, account Owners can do this on the Account View page under the Accounts tab.


Yes. Service is just $19.95 per month per device. Service includes unlimited nationwide cellular service with no roaming charges, unlimited use as an alarm system and for the GPS, 5 locate credits per month per device.

Each month you will receive 5 locate credits multiplied by the number of devices in your account. These credits can be used on any device in your account and do not expire unless used. For most applications this will give you all the locates you will need. If more are needed they can be purchased in your account for as little as $.05/ea.

No. When you activate a device you are not billed for service until the start of the next month. When you deactivate a device there is also no refund for unused service days in that month.

No. Your $19.95/month service payment to Mobilelock covers everything including the cellular service.

5 per device

You can purchase them in your account from the “Location View” page or from the “Add Services” page under the Accounts tab. 50 locates cost $10 and 1,500 locates cost $75 ($.05/ea).

A copy of the invoice is emailed to the Account Owner automatically even though it is charged to the credit card on file. Invoices are also available at any time on the Account Billing Page from within your account.

Account Owners can do this on the Account View page under the Accounts tab.