Law Enforcement

Many police departments have grown frustrated with the many cheap GPS locators on the market. They don't hold up to the physical demands of your job and worst of all they often fail to return a locate when the device is indoors or in an obstructed area. MOBILELOCK has become the preferred choice for many of the top law enforcement agencies. Riverside Police voted it Product of the Year in 2009 for its success rate in helping them achieve felony convictions.

What makes MOBILELOCK different:

  • Extremely durable- Instead of replacing devices every year agencies are able to get many years from their MOBILELOCK devices.

  • Cellular assisted GPS- Thieves don't make it easy for you by leaving the stolen property outside with line of sight to the sky which is why you need cellular assisted GPS so you can locate indoors and in heavily obstructed areas. The cheap GPS devices don't match up.

  • Built in sensors and siren.

  • Battery lasts a month on a single charge.

  • If it's not being used you can suspend it for just $2.50/month.

  • Live tracking down to every 10 seconds with multiple ways to confirm the location: range of accuracy, physical address, latitude and longitude.

  • Able to run reports from your account for presentation in court

Law Enforcement confirms MOBILELOCK to be Cost Effective and Reliable

Police have used MOBILELOCK to successfully catch thieves by mounting it to bait equipment, attaching to suspects vehicles, and planting in assets being monitored . Others have used the devices on equipment at sites where there has been a historically high theft rate. With the MOBILELOCK you can easily locate the valuables and the perpetrators.
Billing Your Way. We understand that you can't pay for the service on a credit card each month and so we have billing options that work with you. You can pay invoices by check every month or pay in advance every 3, 6 or 12 months. If you need to purchase product by invoice give us a call and we can arrange that too.