GPS Tracking Features

Cellular Assisted GPS towers

Cellular Assisted GPS

The DS600 provides the most accurate aGPS (cellular assisted GPS) location capability, even in impaired environments such as in a building, connex box, trailer, garage, vehicle and within closed packages -all without the use of external antennas. When you request a locate from a MOBILELOCK it turns on its GPS antenna and then transmits the raw data it receives to one of several PDE's (Positioning Determining Entity) within the Cellular network. This allows MOBILELOCK to work where other GPS devices fail.
Birds eye view of map

Simple Locates

Sometimes all you want is to know where your asset is now. From within the Configure Units page you can click the Locate button and within 30 seconds receive back a link in the event history which when clicked displays the location of your device on a map. Using your mouse or the control buttons on the screen you can zoom in or out on the map for a better perspective.
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Tracking Sessions

You can configure your MOBILELOCK device to automatically send back locates to the website. You decide how often you want the locates (interval) and for how long you want it to run (duration). You can also configure it to stop when a low battery alarm is detected or to start when an alarm is detected. You don't want false alarms, especially if the alarm comes in at 2 am and the AC unit it is attached to is across town. Set up a tracking session to automatically start when vibration is detected. The session could do a locate every 10 minutes for a 30 minute duration (3-4 total) and if one of those locates shows up outside of a geozone you've created then you can receive an "Exit Geozone" alarm. This is what you want notification of!
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Live Tracking

You can set tracking sessions to locate every 24 hours down to every 10 seconds. Locates are displayed on a Google Map on the Location View page in your account. Each locate is represented below the map and shows the time, range of accuracy (+/- feet) and the physical address it believes it is closest to. Longitude and latitude can also be obtained. Tracking sessions are stored in your account indefinitely and can be retrieved at anytime. Location accuracy will range depending on the number of satellites received versus cell tower data added. +/- 8 feet can be achieved outside with line of sight to the sky where +/- 50 feet is more typical with a locate of the device indoors.
Geozoning of topographic map


You can set up an unlimited number of geozones in your account and when devices travel into or out of those zones you can elect to be notified. Trucking companies want to know when their shipment leaves their customer's warehouse , arrives at their DC and then arrives at the retail store. Geozoning provides this. Plug in any address and determine the radius you wish to have for the zone. There is no limit to how small you can make the geozone but GPS locates can ping around several hundred feet so the smaller the geozone is the more chance there is of a false geozone exit or entry alarm.
Polygon Geozone on topographic map

Polygon Geozone

Users can draw the exact shape of the Geozone they want to match the shape of their jobsite, headquarters, subdivision or other area.