Thieves know that Connex boxes often contain valuable tools and materials and, because they have no power, they assume they also don't have a security system. MOBILELOCK is your solution- it's battery powered and completely wireless.  Magnetically attach the DS600 inside the Connex box and use its built-in vibration and tamper sensors to provide complete protection.  The vibration sensor is designed specifically for this application. There are 7 levels of sensitivity to choose from in your online account so you can dial it in exactly to your preference.  You can also add filters that restrict alerts from going out unless multiple hits of vibration are detected.  The Tamper sensor alerts you if anyone removes the MOBILELOCK.  

Set up an Arm/Disarm schedule to make the system set-and-forget.  Your MOBILELOCK portable alarm will then Arm every night and Disarm every morning at the times you choose.  All you need to do is give it a charge once a month.