Wireless Bluetooth Sensors Details

Mobilelock doesn’t just protect the asset it’s attached to… it can also protect the area around it! The DS600/DS601 have a built in Bluetooth radio that can be turned on through the web portal and up to 10 Mobilelock Bluetooth sensors can be paired to it in any combination. Add a motion or door sensors to your trailer security set up for redundant verification of an alarm or wrap up assets outside the trailer with the weatherproof cable lock. Your monthly service of $19.95 does not increase with the addition of Bluetooth sensors. Each sensor can be individually named (ie “Side Door”, “Motion Main Room”) so you always know which sensor is sending the alert. Sensors operate using a CR123 disposable Li-ion battery that lasts 9-12 months with low battery alerts when there is 3-5 days remaining. Wireless and battery powered so they can be used anywhere within 100’ of the main device. Each sensor can also be configured online to report when the temperature in that area goes above or below a set level. It’s time to take control!

DS610 BLE Motion Sensor

Be alerted when someone walks into a room with this passive infrared indoor motion detector. Provides protection 50' out and 120 degrees right to left. Uses advanced digital scanning that recognizes human movements and size to reduce false alarms. Additional built-in alerts for high and low temperature, tamper and low battery.

DS620 BLE Wireless Door Sensor

Receive alerts when the door opens. Using a magnetic reed switch the device transmits a door open alarm when the magnet is moved more than 3/8" away. Terminal block inside also allows any other normally closed (N.C.) sensor to be wired in. Built-in additional alerts for high and low temperature, tamper and low battery.

DS630 BLE Cable Lock

Wrap around and secure high value assets with this outdoor weatherproof Cable Lock. 12 foot stainless steel braided cable wrapped in a heavy duty urethane jacket provides durability and flexibility in all weather conditions. Alert is sent immediately to the DS600 when the cable is cut or the lock is opened. 2', 6', 12' and 24' replacement cables available. Built in additional alerts for high and low temperature, tamper and low battery. Perfect for protecting ladders, generators and gate entrances.