Secure high value items with a GPS tracking device

How to secure a high value item with a GPS tracking device
Total Time: 10 min
High value items such as heavy equipment, generators, shipping containers, and more are vulnerable to theft. It is wise to add a self-install portable alarm system and GPS locator to track if they are stolen.
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Necessary Items:

Two mounting screws
Zip ties


The alarm is non-functional until the service is activated. To activate, the device must be connected to power through its wall charger and must be in Verizon cell coverage. A pattern of depressing and releasing the tamper button is also necessary to initiate the process. Be sure the following necessary information is available at the time of activation:
1. MEID number on the back of the device under the bar code.
2. Credit card information.
3. Account and notification details

Walk Test

After activating your device log into your new account. First send a Status Request to the device from the Configure Units Page to confirm the device is communicating properly and has sufficient battery charge and is in an area with sufficient cellular signal. Next select the sensors, speaker and battery settings desired and set up the contacts for notification on the Alarm Contacts Page. Then Arm the DS600 from the Configure Units Page and trip each of the sensors. Check to see that the respective alarm was received in the Event History and that notification of the alarm was received per the settings on the Alarm Contacts page.


  • The DS600 has two mounting holes for easy installation. Use two #8 screws (not provided)
  • Use the magnets on the back for easy attachment to ferrous metal. Use a zip tie through the mounting holes in addition to the magnets if there is a risk that the device could fall off what it is mounted to.
  • Be sure that the device is secure so it will not be bumped or otherwise moved.