Mobilelock has a built in accelerometer that can detect when your asset begins to move.  Sensitivity and filter settings can be customized to fit your exact security needs.

Alerts can be sent if the DS600 tips forwards or backwards or tilts to one side or another. Different degrees of tilt that would create an alarm can be selected by the user and filters can be applied. 

MOBILELOCK is equipped with a piezo vibration sensor. Moving the device around will not set it off. It is programmed to pick up sound vibration and performs best when magnetically attached or screwed to metal. Perfect for connex boxes, trailers, AC units, heavy equipment, and appliances. 7 levels of sensitivity can be chosen from depending on the application and filters can be applied that only allow alarms to be sent if multiple hits of vibration are detected within a certain time.

MOBILELOCK is equipped with a plunge tamper on the back. When the device is removed from a mounted surface the tamper button is released and an alarm is created. When selected, tamper alarms will report when the device is armed and disarmed. When someone messes with your device you will know.

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