If the DS600 MOBILELOCK is connected to its wall charger or the DS525 12/24V connector it can send an alert when power has been cut or the device has been disconnected from that power.

Sensor for High Temperature and Low Temperature can be selected independently. High Temperature reports when the temperature rises above a selected level. Perfect for transporters of perishables that want to be notified when their cooling system fails. Low Temperature reports when the temperature drops below a selected level.

Multiple functions you can choose from:

Power Changes- chirps when plugged in or disconnected from power
Arm/Disarm- chirps and double chirps when you Arm or Disarm the device
Alarm Siren- will sound for 10 to 60 seconds (customizable) when an alarm is tripped.
All Changes- all commands will create a chirp including Status and Locate requests
Page- will operate a loud sonar sound for 1 minute to help you find your device

Siren is 85 db at 1 meter. Three different siren sounds to choose from.

If no settings are selected then device will remain quiet.


Designed with built-in Magnets and Pre-Drilled mounting holes, the DS600 can be secured into place.

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