DS630 Wireless Cable Lock

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  • Connects to the DS600 Mobilelock wirelessly using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).  Up to 100' range.
  • Wrap around and secure high value assets
  • Alert is sent immediately to DS600 Mobilelock when the cable lock is opened or cable is cut.
  • Equipped with 12' steel braided cable. Replacement cables available in different lengths to match security need- 2', 6', 12' and 24'.
  • Built-in alerts for high and low temperature, tamper and low battery
  • Cable Lock is jobsite tough and completely weatherproof
  • Padlock can be added for additional security


  • Can be paired to only one DS600 Mobilelock at a time. Up to 10 BLE sensors can be paired to one Mobilelock.
  • Sensor can be installed up to 100' from DS600 Mobilelock
  • CR123 replaceable battery provides > 1 year runtime


  • Storage: -22F to 140F
  • Operating: -4F to 104F