DS620 Wireless Door-Generic Sensor

DS620 Wireless Door-Generic Sensor

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Your best security relies on a multi-pronged approach. Used for the opening and closing of doors and windows, this sensor immediately detects any attempted break-ins at your site. When combined with our other products, you’ll feel as fortified as Fort Knox.

  • Uses a magnetic reed switch to detect door/window openings greater than ⅜”
  • Connects wirelessly to alert DS600 Mobilelock using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
  • Built-in sensors/alerts for tamper, temperature (high and low), and low battery


DS620 Wireless Door/Generic Sensor

  • Connects to the DS600 Mobilelock wirelessly using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
  • Uses internal magnetic Reed Switch to detect opening of doors and windows
  • Magnet provided lines up within 3/8" to sensor
  • "Door Opened" alarm reported when separated
  • Terminal block inside allows any other normally closed (N.C.) sensor to be wired in.
  • Built-in alerts for high and low temperature, tamper and low battery


  • Size: L: 3.7", H: 1.9", D: 1.0" w
  • Weight: 2.5 oz
  • Mounting bracket provided for easy attachment to doors


  • Can be paired to only one DS600 Mobilelock at a time. Up to 10 BLE sensors can be paired to one Mobilelock.
  • Sensor can be installed up to 100' from DS600 Mobilelock
  • CR123 replaceable battery provides > 1 year runtime


  • Storage: -22F to 140F
  • Operating: -4F to 104F