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DS530 Solar Charger

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Your DS600 Mobilelock batteries need charging, but you’re half way across the country. Instead of making complicated arrangements or relying on help, install an energy-efficient solar charger to keep batteries charged year-round. It’s weather-proof, designed for your extended absences, and erases the susceptibility of your security (like trailer alarm systems or shipping container security systems) to simple battery outages.

  • Plugs directly into your DS600
  • Outdoor use, weather-proof including snow and humidity
  • Equipped with a 10' cord


    Attach to the top of your Conex or Trailer and permanently power your DS600 Mobilelock. No need for an external battery; plugs directly into your DS600 and keeps it fully charged year round.

    Outdoor weather proof- Rain, Snow or humidity won’t hurt it.


    • Output: 5V
    • Dimensions: 13.26” x 8.03” x .7”
    • 2.5 lbs
    • Screw holes and mounting tape included