How to protect an ATM

1. Purchase the DS601 Mobilelock. Identical to the DS600 but comes with an external magnetic puck style antenna that screws on. Contact us at to order this product as it is not offered though our store.
2. Magnetically attach the DS601 in the vault next to the cash drawer.  
3. Magnetically attach the antenna in the top hat and feed the cable down to the Vault and screw onto the coaxial ports on the DS601.
4. Plug in the charger to an available strip in the Top Hat and feed the cable down to the Vault and plug into the DS601 for permanent power.
5. Set up notifications by email, text or phone call or, using the web application, set up mapping for the alarms to go to a Central Station of your choice via Contact ID.  
6. Arm the DS601 and test all the sensors:
- Vibration
- Movement
- Tilt
- Tamper
- Power Loss
7. Set up Auto Status so the device checks in every 24 hours to confirm it is good
After just 15 minutes of installation your ATM is now fully protected and can be located with GPS at any time.

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