How to set up your new Mobilelock portable alarm with GPS

1. Go to and click “Set Up New Account”.
2. After setting up your new account follow the online instructions for activating your device.
3. Once activated, log into your new account and configure your device:
4. Send a Status Request to the device to confirm it is activated and responding to commands.
5. Name the Device (For example: “Trailer”).
6. Select the sensors you wish to enable (Vibration, Movement, Tilt, Tamper, Temperature, Power Loss and/or Loss battery).
7. Customize the settings for the sensors chosen (Level of sensitivity, Mask periods, Filters if desired).
8. Set up Alarm Contacts- those people you wish to be notified of alarms by email, text or automated phone call.
9. Set up an Auto Arm/Disarm schedule if desired.
10. Pair any Bluetooth sensors (motion, door, cable lock) you may purchased.
11. Test the device.
12. Install the device.

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