How to protect your trailer from theft

1. Buy the DS600 Mobilelock Portable Alarm with GPS- set up online account and activate device.
2. Magnetically attach DS600 to one of the steel ribs in the trailer that the aluminum side walls stretch across. This allows the device to detect vibration (shock) from anywhere around the trailer.
3. On the Configure Units page in your account Select “7" , the most sensitive setting for the vibration sensor, and click “Submit Changes”. Arm your device and then test that level by hitting the outside of the trailer and door. If it is too sensitive then dial down the sensitivity and try again until you reach the right level where it will detect a theft event but not create false alarms. Once this level is established it’s as easy as Arming and Disarming your device.
4. Test the Movement sensor by Arming your device and then driving off with the trailer. Test the Tilt sensor by tipping the trailer back. Adjust the sensitivity of either of these sensors if needed on the Advanced Settings.
5. Optional: add a Bluetooth door sensor to the trailer door to detect if someone opens the door when your Mobilelock system is Armed. Add a Bluetooth Motion sensor to detect if someone enters the trailer while your Mobilelock system is Armed. Wrap up equipment outside the trailer with the DS630 Cable Lock and be alerted if anyone opens or cuts the cable.  
6. Optional: add the DS530 solar charge on top of the trailer and plug it into the DS600 Mobilelock inside the trailer for permanent power year round.
7. Test the GPS- Live tracking as well as alerts when the trailer enters or leaves certain areas.
8. And finally….have peace of mind knowing your valuables are protected.

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